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RE:  World Paintball Library

November 12th, 2004

Dear Paintball Video and DVD Producer,


After many years of building the largest paintball library in the world, I thought it was time to let the world know just what is available to them.  Your productions are very important to the world of paintball and to a developing collectors market.  This project has been a huge undertaking but I think it will serve the paintball world well.

I have included a draft of the first volume with the section containing your materials.  A media company has expressed interest in publishing the collectors guide.  Please review and provide any comments. 

Additionally, we want to make sure to include all of your productsAny video or DVD in our library will be included.  Please submit any copies that you wish included.  There is no charge to you.  We will be continuing to produce new updated editions so that the collectors guide is always current.  Please keep us on your submission list for new releases.


Please check your product listing/s for any errors, date corrections and whether they are in the correct order of release.  Email any pertinent information to:



Guy D. Cooper

Library Curator

Vendor Product Information Submission:

In order to help us process new products, vendors can submit the information using the form below. Then Use the address below to physically submit the item's to Pro Star Sports Inc.

Note:  No new items will be pictured in the library if that item is not submitted to the library.


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All Library submissions can be sent to:

Pro Star Sports Inc.
3107 W. Hampden Ave.
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