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Pro Star Sports Inc. maintains the World Paintball Library and is always hunting for items in need. Below is the current list of publications we are in need of:

$50 being paid for:
Adventure-The Magazine For Survival Game Players 1985 --22 pages published monthly by James M. Statham. Sacramento CA by Stat publishing.  Unknown as to how many issues were printed.

$15 each for the following publications:
Frontline:  Magazine
Vol. 1 #2 (black and white issue) Sept 85
Vol. 1 #5 (black and white issue) Dec.85

Splatter:  B/W Magazine
March 87  (possibly labeled Jan, Feb. Mar.)

$10.00 each for the following publications:
Paintball Fever:  Newsprint Tabloid size.
Vol.3 No. 1    94
Vol.3 No. 5    94


The Paintball Press (US)
Paintball Times (Canada) -
Need issue 1 and any after #2
Paintball News -
May 16, 1992 issue 52
Paintball Times -
Vol 1 #4  dont have. Not sure it existed
PCRI (Paintball Consumer Reports) -
#69 & #70 Last issue, very few printed. Some question if they were ever printed at all.
Scenario News -
Aug, Oct, Nov and Dec 2003


Paintball Games International.
Subscriptions to US were dated one month later and had the pound price first, whereas bulk to US dealers had the same cover but was dated a month earlier and had the US price first.

The Library needs the following of Paintball Games Intl: US Edition
March 2000
1999  Feb (mine torn)., June
1998. Apr (mine missing back page) May. Nov. Dec.
1997 Jan, Mar, June (mine torn)
1996 Any if exist

Paintball Playerís Magazine Sweden
Splatter News Denmark 1995?

S E Paintball (UK)  Newsprint Tab -
Have one copy, donít know how many where printed.
Journal Do Paintball (Portugal)  Photocopy? -
need #1
Paintball News Spain  1995  Fanzine -
Jan. 1995.  Unknown if there where other issues.
300 fps (Russia)
 only 2 issues printed and the library needs both.

Paintball Adventures UK: Color Mag
Feb. 1991, Vol. 2 issue 9
Oct. 1991, Vol. 3 issue 6
Aug. l992, Vol. 4 issue 3

Paintball News (UK)  Newsprint -
Library has #1, donít know if others
Survival Game Magazine (UK) -
only two issues printed.
Paintball News Brasil -
Need 19 & 24 (only have photo copies of these issues)
Snapshot (Finland) 
Need Issues 1,3,4,6,7,8, 9, ,18
PaintCheck (France) -
Need last (2nd) International/English Edition
LePompe (France) -
Need #1, #2, #3, #5
Survival Me Brasil
  Only one issue printed approx.. 96.  It was an attempt to revive the original Survival Me Donít know if it exists

Danish Paintball Federation Magazine
Need June, Aug, Sept. Nov, Dec 1995
Jan, Feb. Mar. April, June, July, Sept, Oct. Nov 96, All 97 except may and All 98 except April, July, Oct. And Dec.

 $6.00 each for the following publications:

Paintball 2Xtremes
Feb. 2000, April. 2000
Jan 99
Dec 98

Sept 98

July 98

May 98

Mar 98

Jan 98

Sept 97

Oct 97

Nov 97

Dec 97

Paintball Playerís Bible except Jan. And Aug. Need all of 1997
Sept. 97 was first 2 extreme, before that it was Players Bible.

All 1996 Paintball Playerís Bible and prior need all.

The Word (UK)
Need Spring 2000 (this is only one of the set needed after Steven Bull started printing it UKPSF).  Need all prior except Sept. 97 and Winter 94/95 vol3 no 4.  No idea when it started.  I think it started after Born to Dye ceased, as part of EPSF

Paintball Nation Magazine
Aug, Sept., Oct. Nov. 2003

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